Hani "JR" Jardaly

Field Staff

Hani Jardaly has the eclectic personality of a Lebanese American: multicultural, passionate, driven, motivated, persevering, energetic, hands-on and yet patient and helpful. After attending Broome Community College, NY for one year, he attended ALBANY COLLEGE OF PHARMACY. in Albany, NY to pursue Pharmaceutical education. Regrettably he was hospitalized for few months due to a rare virus I caught while at college. When he recovered he decided to switch majors and focus his studies on, and be engaged with, what he enjoys most; being amongst children and helping them, in a structured, challenging and safe environment by building their physical skills, and stamina in order to be physically and emotionally fit to positively deal with the ever increasing challenges facing today’s youth. He focuses coaching youth on the value of sensibility, caring and team work through endurance building programs and balanced nutrition in natural environments.

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