K. McCadden

Ground Control

Born 'n raised in WNY, college'd at Hamilton, grad school'd on the Southside of Chicago, Kiara (from the Irish Ciara, roughly pronounced KEER-uh) passed many moons roaming the world West, East, and South...The McCadden Pack have happily returned North, eager for long, snowy winters.

Drawn to diversity and guided by multicultural influences, as a ceremony facilitator, teacher/mentor, holistic healing arts consultant, interspecies harmonizer, threshold guide, performing artist in rural fields & urban rivers, street corners & stages, anthropologist of cultures, player of languages written & oral, and now Primitive Pursuits Registrar, Kiara loves to support the co-creation of multi-generational, nature-connected, resilient, regenerative community.

Special gratitudes to the Ancestors, Honey She-Who-Sniffs-the-Wind & Black Bear, mentors at Living Earth School & BSB Jabalee, Dirt, Moon, & Shamanic Families, all the beings who share the outer adventures and inner journeys, who help inner drumheartbeats sound a bit clearer with every step...may we be a blessing upon the Earth for the Future Generations...

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