Sophia Hutnik

An Ithaca native, Sophia, unfortunately, didn’t spend much time outside while growing up, preferring to read books inside. With an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Anthropology, she spent two years in Istanbul, Turkey studying and working at a political research center. After leaving her job she spent time in a cabin in some mountains in southern Turkey where she spent most of her time eating pomegranates right off the trees and learning about composting toilets and alternative living. This experience propelled her to engage with the life around her and explore other ways of being and knowing in this world. She has since received a masters in Human Ecology from Lund University in Sweden and completed a two year long fellowship in regenerative agriculture and food systems at the Allegheny Mountain Institute in Virginia. Her passions now include wildcrafting, herbalism, lacto-fermentating and foraging. She has experience working with ages 5 months to 20 years after working at the Ithaca Montessori, Ithaca Children’s Garden, and the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind. She strives to share the wonders of the world we live in with the people around her through encouraging participatory observation and the building of relationships with plants and animals.

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