Zoë Miller

Wilderness Year Participant

Zoë grew up among the Northeast woodlands along the banks of the Farmington River, making sailboats out of skunk cabbage and searching for salamanders under logs. Zoë moved to the Ithaca area in 2012 to further her education at Ithaca College, where she spent the majority of her time, in and out of class, pursuing her interests in art, plant medicine, wildlife tracking, and agroforestry. After graduating Zoë sought to deepen her connection with the natural world and enrolled in Wilderness Year, Primitive Pursuits 9-month adult intensive. Some of her deepest passions are relating to her environment by foraging for her food, and connection to animals in their life and death through tracking them and honoring their lives through processing and hide tanning. She is just as likely to be found skipping among the trees picking wildflowers and on the ground picking apart an interesting scat.

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