Heidi Bardy

Heidi's goals are to never stop learning, and to integrate primitive skills, permaculture, and empathy for all beings into daily life.

Field Staff

Heidi grew up in Chicago, IL, where she loved exploring small pockets of urban wilderness with her family. She was introduced to camping on a 10-day backpacking trip her freshman year at Houghton College (NY). After working as a horseback riding instructor and trainer for 8 years, she was introduced to primitive skills at a wilderness therapy symposium, and she was hooked! Practicing skills with a small group of friends where she lived in Lancaster, PA, Heidi learned the value of surrounding oneself with a naturalist community. She spent time at the Tracker School (NJ), Vermont Wilderness School (VT) and Teaching Drum (WI), before landing in Ithaca in 2005 where she found a piece of three-ply dogbane cordage someone had left on her car. She tracked it back to Primitive Pursuits, and found a close community of caring naturalist, and eventually took the Primitive Pursuits adult apprenticeship. She now lives in a cabin nestled in a pocket of wilderness in Caroline, where she enjoys the woods with her husband, daughter, two cats and a dove.

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