Justin Sutera

Master bow-maker, flintknapper and buckskin fashion expert

Guest Instructor

Justin Sutera first got interested in primitive living skills when he was 14 after being introduced to 'The Tracker' written by Tom Brown. Since that time Justin has explored primitive skills deeply (often by trial and error in the early days). He graduated S.U.N.Y. College of Environmental Science and Forestry with a B.S. in Conservation Biology. While still a student Justin founded ESF Primitive Pursuits Club. Additionally Justin has studied at the Tracker School and worked as an instructor at The Children Of The Earth Foundation before joining Primitive Pursuits as a full time instructor. Justin is particularly passionate about primitive bow (and arrow) making, flintknapping, and hide tanning but truthfully all skills of living with the earth are of great interest to him. Justin enjoys mentoring youth and seeing them light up in an un-plugged natural space. As a lead instructor Justin teaches in the Primitive Pursuits Homeschool Programs, Summer Programs as well as leading workshops and Instructor training programs for adults.

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