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Curious about Wilderness Year or the Wilderness Skills Intensive? We've scheduled some no-cost opportunities to get a taste of our programming. Spaces are limited so please reserve only if you plan to come.

Adult Program 2017 Visit Days

April 6, 2017

With the thaw well underway and some new growth possibly showing up we will once again venture out onto the landscape of Arnot Forest. How does the forest feel this time of year? Can we experience it with all our senses? This day we will wander without time or destination, guided by curiosity to follow the mysteries that surround us.

May 4, 2017

As we prepare for our Walkabout trip fast approaching, we will turn our attention to the wild food the landscape has to offer. How can we apply our study of plants, understanding of ecology, and deep relationship with place to acquire food from Arnot forest? Join us as we wander, give thanks, and harvest the available food that the forest gifts us this time of year.

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"Each basket we weave has its own journey, from the mineral-rich ground that held the seeds, to the sunlight that provided their nourishment, to the water that flowed through them, to animals that sought them for refuge, to the appreciation with which they were harvested and then the intentions they were crafted with." A.V.N., Wilderness Year Participant

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