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Week IV Summer 2018

Noah Winslow, July 23, 2018

Growing Wild

The White Tail and Cotton Tail camp groups, based in Trillium camp at 4-H Acres, were told the legendary story of Tamarack the Dragon. By completing challenges and finding clues, the growing wild campers were able to meet Tamarack on the last day of camp! She gave the clans dragon gem watermelons in celebration of their last day at 4H Acres.

Campers scrabble up the hill at Trillium camp to get to Turkey Knoll.

Growing Wild campers listen to plans for the day while sitting on the bouncy log at Trillium Camp.

Growing Wild campers receive "Dragon Gems" from Tamarack the Dragon for their Friday celebration.

Grey Fox Overnight Camp

Campers spent a nature-immersed week in the Arnot Forest learning to become as crafty and stealthy as a fox! They played a lot of sneaking games like Keeper of the Keys and Fox Spirit where they had to navigate through the woods without being detected. Each and every day they practiced new primitive skills, learned how to camouflage their bodies in the woods, and caught a ton of crayfish on their creek wanderings.

The Grey Foxes group up before relaxing in their sit-spots around the pond at Arnot Forest.

A camper smiles during the evening fire at Arnot Forest.

Campers run back to their base during an epic game of capture the flag.

River Scouts

The River Scouts traveled all over the Ithaca region this week including Roy H. Park Preserve, Texas Hollow, Finger Lakes National Forest, Seneca Lake and Shindagin Hollow. Campers focused on opening their minds with meditation and astro-projection during their scouting missions. They learned about many new plants that grow along the banks of rivers and creeks! They also practiced and honed their awareness skills with games like Keeper of the Keys, which is made harder when the campers have to sneak through a creek-bed without making a sound.

Campers pile in the CCE van.

A camper takes in the view of Seneca Lake.

Campers hike through a creek bed in the Finger Lakes National Forest.


Starting with Staves, the Bow-makers worked hard all week to craft their own archery kit! Campers honed their focus and dedication into their craft. Not only did the campers craft the bows, but cut and fletched their own arrows. On the last few days, campers spent time practicing shooting their bow to make sure it was in working order.

A camper focuses on sanding his bow.

The Bow-makers run the length of their bows through a fire every morning for about 20 minutes to drive moisture out of the wood.

The Bow Makers carefully focus on carving their bows in the horse barn at 4-H Acres.

Luna's Fire

The members of this girl-powered group was able to connect to the earth and each other on a whole new level throughout their week at 4-H Acres! On Thursday night they hiked to the back of the hemlocks where they camped for the night. Amidst all the fun this week, they worked with each other to learn new primitive skills such as various methods for building fires, harvesting wild edibles and setting up an overnight camp.

Campers play a game while setting up camp at Raccoon Motel in 4H Acres.

Campers craft a broom out of hemlock branches.

Campers collect wood for their afternoon fire.

Luna's Fire campers group up to receive instruction on what needs to be set up for camping out that evening.

Archer's Apprentice

Archer's Apprentices journeyed to the forest of 4-H Acres to learn the art of archery from skilled mentors. Campers crafted their own bows from "Musclewood" (American Hornbeam) staves that they harvested from the forest. They used knives to carve the wood into a desirable shape, and a combination of rasps and sandpaper to smooth out the bow's surface. All week campers prepared for the "Bow Olympics" on Friday where they were able to put their archery abilities to the test.

Campers grab their bows and arrows before heading out to their camp for the day.

A camper attempts to fire a hand-crafted arrow in the Hemlocks.

Members of the White Tails put finishing touches on their bows around a fire in the Hemlocks.

Hunter Gatherers

The Beavers and River Otters met up in the expansive and serene forest of Ellis Hollow. While at camp, they learned about the legend of the Woodland Man. Throughout the week this legendary man left them gifts in the forest like clay and new hunter gatherer skills. Campers built fires at their bases and made tea with White Clover they picked in the field! The Beaver and River Otters practiced scouting with epic spy missions and honed their awareness with games like Keeper of the Keys where they had to sneak up on their blindfolded mentor without making a sound.

A camper gathers small sticks to start their lunch fire at Ellis Hollow.

A camper runs through the field at Ellis Hollow looking for white clover while avoiding counselors trying to tag him.

Base Camp

Base Campers arrived at camp Monday morning ready to connect to the earth by having fun learning new things with their camp-mates and mentors. All three Base Camp groups focused on establishing a base somewhere in the woods and, from there, learned valuable wilderness skills. In between fun and games, campers learned how to construct and light a fire, explored rushing creeks, made delicious Sumac tea, and practiced building several types of Wilderness Shelters

Jessie helps a camper to weave a basket from grapevine found by the creek at 4-H Acres.

A camper gives his fire oxygen at his clan's base at the Beaver Pond.

Base Campers explore Fall Creek.

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Need a trail guide?

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Don't miss a beat, add yourself to our list to get all the latest details.