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Details About Our Policies

Our Choose-Your-Price Sliding Scale System

At Primitive Pursuits we are committed to making our programs available to as many people as possible. To this end, we generate scholarships via our choose-your-price sliding scale program costs, on a program-to-program basis. The base rate of our programs covers the cost of the program. Any payments above the base rate are tax-deductible donations to our scholarship fund. When filing for taxes Primitive Pursuits is listed under “Cornell Cooperative Extension” Tax ID #16-6072897.

To learn more about financial assistance, please visit our Scholarships page.

Common Online Payment Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Please login to your Account Portal on a computer (not smartphone or tablet)
  2. Use Firefox or Chrome as your browser (not Explorer or Safari)
  3. Wait at least 30 seconds after submitting your payment for the screen to change (there is no visual symbol showing that the credit card payment is processing).
  4. If the payment does not go through and you are on a computer using Firefox or Chrome, it may be that your credit/debit card has a past expiration date on file. Try entering your current card as a 'new' card in the Account Portal.
  5. Check with your bank to determine whether your account has enough balance to cover the payment.
  6. If you have gone through the above steps, please email us for additional assistance: primitivepursuitscamp@gmail.com

Pick Up/Drop Off Policy:

If your child is late to be picked up, or early to be dropped off, you will be charged $20 per late pick up/early drop off. By making payment for our programs you agree to this policy and agree to be charged accordingly.

Our camps are unique in that our programming occurs away from the drop off area. Due to this aspect of our programs, getting a child to the parking lot or getting them to their group during program time can require extra staff and/or a restructuring of that day’s planned activities. We understand that your summers are busy and everyone has a lot going on! Advance notice helps our instructors maintain the program’s structure with minimal disruption.

Contact our office via email (primitivepursuitscamp@gmail.com) or phone (607-272-2292) at least 24 hours in advance to let us know if you need to pick up your camper early or drop them off late. (If your request is for Monday, please let us know by 4pm the Friday before.) The more advance notice, the better! Please understand that same day requests are more logistically complex for our field staff and may involve a small fee.

Immunization Policy

As per NY State Health Department regulation, we require the most recent copy of all campers’ immunization records and keep this on file for the summer. As a camp operating under Cornell Cooperative Extension, the only exemptions from immunizations that we are allowed to accept are doctor issued medical exemptions. We also collect immunization records from staff to keep on file for the summer. The Health Department mandates that we destroy these files after the summer and collect new records from families before camp starts the next summer. In this way, we keep our documents up-to-date.

Receipt Requests

If you require a receipt for program fees, please email primitivepursuitscamp@gmail.com including the name of the account holder and the time period for which you need the receipt (eg. summer of 2019; fall of 2018). We do our best to respond within a week; in the busy summertime this may take longer.


Please look for registration status in your Account Portal. If you see "waitlist" then that participant is on the waitlist. Our registration software will not accept payment for a waitlisted participant. If a spot opens, we call and email the next waitlisted person and include a deadline for reply and payment arranged through the office. Our field staff cannot accept payments for programs.

Cancellations due to Weather and Other Acts of Nature

If a single-day program (such as a school-break day) is canceled due to inclement weather, we will credit your payment toward a future program or refund your payment minus a $15 processing fee. If a single day of an ongoing program (such as a week-long camp, Homeschool program, or after-school programs) is canceled, no refunds will be made.

We will cancel our programs if the Ithaca City School District cancels school due to snow or hazardous weather. We will cancel Afterschool if ICSD cancels after school programs due to snow or hazardous weather. If the program takes place on a school break day or holiday, we will cancel our programs if the Tompkins County sheriff declares that the roads are closed due to hazardous conditions. If there is a 2 hour delay, we will delay our program for 1 hour. As always, we encourage people to travel only when they feel it is safe. You can check here for current school and road closings.

Our programs may also be cancelled by mandate of the Department of Health or other such regulatory agencies in the case of disease outbreaks and other existing health hazards. We consider such causes to be acts of nature beyond our control, and therefore can not offer refunds for programs that are cancelled for these reasons.

Covid-19 Camp Cancellations

At this time we can say that reimbursements for camp tuition paid will be covered if the Department of Health or other public authority stops our programs due to a health threat being present at camp. At this time we are not changing our existing policy around cancellations due to illness: If your family chooses to keep your child home for any reason, or if we send your child home due to symptoms of illness, no refunds will be made.
The response of public health agencies to the current Covid-19 outbreak is changing daily. If for any reason we are able to extend additional cancellation coverage benefits to our community we will certainly do so to the best of our ability.

Participant Cancellation Policies

Primitive Pursuits will refund fees to participant account holders if we decide to cancel a program due to low enrollment. This section applies to cancellations and refund requests made by the account holder:

  • In order for any program change or refund request to be considered, it must be made in writing through the registrar, even if you have discussed this with another staff person, such as a field educator.
  • The effective date of all refund requests is the date of the email notifying the Registrar of your request.
  • Changes and refunds are NOT guaranteed and only the Registrar can process these changes.
  • Epic Days and donations (amount paid above the base rate) are nonrefundable.
  • All deposits (even "non-refundable deposits") will be returned if you are unable to participate in a program for lack of approval of a scholarship request.

Please email primitivepursuitscamp@gmail.com with your full name, phone number, the participant's name, the full program name(s), and the program start date(s).
No phone calls.

Refer to the program-specific policies below:

Academic Year (except Ithaca Forest Preschool):

  1. If you cancel 30 or more days prior to the program starting date, you are entitled to a full refund, minus the deposit & any donation above the sliding scale base rate.
  2. If you cancel between 14 and 30 days prior to the program starting date, Primitive Pursuits will retain half the program tuition, after the deposit & any donation above the sliding scale base rate.
  3. If you cancel fewer than 14 days prior to the program starting date or after the program has begun, there will be no refunds.
  4. Epic Day fees are non-refundable/transferable

Ithaca Forest Preschool:

  1. Deposits are nonrefundable. If you cancel after a program payment in full due date (in 2019-20 these dates are August 1st, November 1st, and February 1st), there are no refunds.

Summer 2020: All Summer Camp Programs

Epic Day fees are non-refundable/transferable.

Donations (payments above the base rate) are non-refundable.

1. If you cancel before May 1st, choose:

    • full credit transferable to another summer camp in 2020 with available space OR
    • partial refund: camp cost minus the non-refundable deposit and any donation above the base rate
2. If you cancel between May 1st to June 1st, choose:
    • partial credit: camp cost minus the non-refundable deposit, transferable to another summer camp in 2020 with available space OR
    • partial refund: 50% of the camp cost less the non-refundable deposit (and any donation above the base rate)
3. If you cancel between June 1st and June 22nd:
    • partial credit: 50% of the camp cost less the non-refundable deposit, transferable to another summer camp in 2020 with available space
    • there are NO refunds
4. After June 22nd there are NO credit transfers.

These policies are also available in a downloadable PDF here.

"This weekend made me fully realize that Primitive Pursuits is connecting me with the knowledge that I have been wishing to obtain in order to further my career and skill set. It is great to realize I don't need to travel far to gain this amazing knowledge." Z.K., Workshop Participant

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