Cynthia Montross-Tipa

Field Staff

Cindy grew up in the hills of Chittenango, NY where she now lives with her husband and two children. She is thankful for her family and the opportunity to learn and share with Primitive Pursuits this summer. Most inspired by the sights and sounds of nature, and people of all ages coming together to share their gifts, Cindy's other passions are fire, camouflage, plant knowledge, containers, hide tanning, wander, drums and songs.

She thanks Tom Brown Jr., Jon Young, Ingwe, Paul Rafael, Wilderness Youth Project (CA), Children of the Earth Foundation (NJ), the Lake Tahoe School (CA), SUNY Plattsburgh (NY), and the many children she has learned beside, for the knowledge and experiences that she is so very excited to share this summer with the Primitive Pursuits community.

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