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Jenn Feingold

Field Staff

Jenn's first love was nature, and spent her childhood in the nooks of forests and wetlands in nearby Connecticut- befriending all the creatures she came into contact with. After completing three years of college in biology and elementary education, she realized her dream of teaching children immersed in nature. After completing our WSI, becomming our summer intern for 2015 and finishing a year as the Americorp member volunteer with the IFP, she now joins the year round staff working with kids aged 3 to 16. In spare time she pursues other passions in earthly skills like herbalism, bee-keeping, yoga and farm or forest to table cooking. Jenn is also passionate about creating a model for holistic education and sustainable living, which she gets closer to everyday.

Jenn is an instructor for the Ithaca Forest Preschool, Homeschool and afterschool programs.

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