Pearse Anderson

Field Staff

Practically raised at 4-H Acres, Pearse Anderson is going into his twelfth year at Primitive Pursuits and final year in Ithaca. Rising from a camper to a lead counselor, Pearse fell in love with camp and the amazing possibilities that forest has to offer, except for sometimes birds and bugs. Pearse is proud to return all Primitive Pursuits taught him to the next generation. At the end of the summer he’ll be shipping out to Oberlin, Ohio to begin his education in environmental studies and Weird fiction. Still young, Pearse dabbles in all schools of learning and is currently focusing on food writing, sustainable cities, and cross country running. Pearse also adventures constantly, exploring the hidden pockets of Ithaca and all they have to offer. Excited to return for another year, Pearse is already prepared for the thrills and journeys that might accompany the coming summer weeks.

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