Teen Adventure weekends

Explore. Invent. Discover.

Our teen expeditions offer an exciting group experience and opportunity to live the core practices of wilderness skills for ages 12-15. Our process and small group size ensures an inclusive and supportive group culture from day one. 

  • Coyote Howl
    Spring 2017
    Welcome to the Circle! Each Saturday will be chock-full of skills to learn and practice; wilderness cooking, animal study, storytelling and inner tracking and more!
"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." Albert Einstein

Get out of your comfort zone and stretch your edges with us!

Create a woods community with friends new and old as we step into unknown challenges and possibilities in the forest. Learn to master the fundamentals of finding food, shelter and fire. Hone your crafting skills and play epic games that never end. Foster a deep connection with your peers and mentors, as we all support each other on a journey of discovery, problem solving, leadership and self-reliance. Some projects we may explore include:

  • Delve into to the creation of fire
  • Weave baskets around the fire
  • Expand your mind through archery
  • Hone your focus on carving projects and coal burning
  • Practice nature connection and awareness skills
  • Create delicious meals through primitive cooking techniques and harvest your own wild edibles

Past Program Offerings

  • Shelters & Baskets
  • Fire & Crafting
  • Wild Edibles & Primitive Cooking
  • Village Weekend
  • Fire & Harvest
  • Tracking & Snow Shelters

"Primitive Pursuits is great, it’s not easy to find a thing where my children feel truly welcome, and Primitive Pursuits has been a safe haven for them. It’s such a wonderful program, you don’t need to sit there and lecture or talk about nature because you’re simply experiencing it." K.S., Parent

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