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Coyote Howl Winter 2020

Welcome to the Circle! Each gathering will be chock-full of skills to learn and practice!

Where skills meet the heart...Come create a community around the fire with friends new and old as we step into the challenges and possibilities the forest has to offer. At this year's Coyote Howl, you'll explore the journey of finding food, making shelter and connecting with the natural world.

Our teen meet-ups offer an incredible opportunity to learn life skills in the outdoors with excellent mentors. Our process and small group size ensures an inclusive and supportive group culture from day one. Our format this Winter will focus on winter projects and crafting the harvests of the previous seasons. We are excited to witness and nurture the creativity and ingenuity of these awesome young minds!

Our focuses for this Winter season:
  • Tracking and Fire
  • Crafting and cooking the resources and materials harvested in the past few seasons
  • Individual passion-based crafting projects. Examples include: working with buckskin, simple basket weaving, acorn processing, wool processing (spinning, felting, sewing), bow drill kit making and more!
Winter 2020, Lead Instructor: Danielle Prizzi
12pm-8pm Saturdays
  • January 18
  • February 8
  • March 7

Cost: $135-$235 self-selected sliding scale

  • Amounts above $135 per participant are donations to our scholarship fund - thank you!
  • Scholarships are also available

Bring dinner for Saturday night, snacks, water bottle and weather appropriate clothing.

Max group size 10

Register NOW to claim a space! (Please be sure that teens are registered under a parent/guardian's Account Portal, as all communication must go to an adult).

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  • Coyote Howl Winter 2020
  • 1/18, 2/8, 3/7
  • $135-$235
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