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Junior Counselor Program

Gain skills and professional experience teaching  side-by-side with seasoned expert wilderness skills Instructors 

Ready for a new adventure?

Join us this summer as a Junior Counselor for 16 and 17 year olds!

A Day in the Life of:
A typical day will go something like this: Jr. Counselors will arrive at camp early to participate in the pre-day game plan with staff. This sneak peek behind the scenes allows teens to begin developing an awareness for both curriculum design as well as the need for improvisation, making last minute changes due to things like weather or new opportunities. Throughout the day they will play duel roles; both as participants, practicing skills with the group, and as assistants, being called upon to lead activities. At the end of each day they will be asked to participate with others staff in our daily debrief and to assist in our after camp care.

But wait there's more!
To achieve the high bar we set for ourselves creating powerful experiences for each participant we put a lot into our Youth Leadership Training programs. If you join us this summer as a Jr. Counselor you will also have access to the following:

1. Skill training days - teens get direct instruction from core Primitive Pursuits staff. Prior to summer you will be part of our summer staff training.
2. Leadership opportunities - teens get experience mentoring younger participants at programs each week
3. One on one coaching and skill assessment in four core areas: Primitive Technology, Outdoor Skills, Teaching, Teamwork and Professionalism.
4. Resume assistance - References for job and college placement.
5. Regalia - The coveted, limited edition 2019 Mentor or C.I.T shirt

6. Please consider becoming a member of the the YES Program of the Ithaca Youth Bureau to learn more about other avenues for paid employment.

7. We do have paid positions available for eligible Junior Counselors.

How to get started:

Junior Counselors

Who: Teens and young adults aged 16-17 (must turn 16 by June 22, 2020)
When: Jr. Counselors spaces are offered each week of summer -- including our Growing Wild program for preschoolers. We require a minimum of three weeks of summer (120 hours) to be a Junior Counselor
Cost: Free


Being a Jr. Counselor for multiple weeks is possible and encouraged.

"This weekend made me fully realize that Primitive Pursuits is connecting me with the knowledge that I have been wishing to obtain in order to further my career and skill set. It is great to realize I don't need to travel far to gain this amazing knowledge." Z.K., Workshop Participant

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