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​Advanced Outpost Camp - Wilderness Immersion​

Overnight Camp (Ages 11-15)

Dates & Locations

This offering is designed for campers who have experienced at least one week at the Arnot Forest. With a small band of adventures, trek deep into the forest with only the gear you need for yourself and your community on your back. Spend the first days at camp alongside Bear Camp as you prepare to become immersed in the wild. On Wednesday leave on foot for a three day, two night excursion, deepening your skills and knowledge of outdoor living. Cook, craft, ignite, explore and observe as your new woods family beckons the call of the wild! Prerequisite: At least one week of Arnot Forest Overnight Camp

† Tuition is based on a self-determined sliding scale. Funds received above the minimum go to our scholarship fund as a tax-deductible donation (you will receive a receipt at the end of the year).

  • We offer free coverage from 8:30AM - 3:30PM to allow a half hour of flex time for drop off and pick up.

  • per week

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