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Archer Camp - Primitive Skill Immersion

Overnight Camp (Ages 11-15)

Dates & Locations

July 29 - August 03, 2018
Arnot Forest

Immerse yourself in the world of the Archer.

The focus of this week is on the fine art of bows, arrows and shooting. Make and bring home a primitive archery set as well as the fundamental skills of aiming, shooting, safety and sports etiquette. Join our senior bowyers and archers in mastering shooting form, camouflage and strategy. This camp is for all skill levels, and you can also bring your own bow or choose from our handmade collection to practice stalking and taking aim at woodland quarries. Build your strength and confidence as you discover the power of taking aim!

Some skills we will practice during this week:

  • Make a primitive bow
  • Explore the fundamentals of aiming, shooting, safety and sports etiquette
  • Develop your carving skills and ability to focus with a relaxed mind
  • Twist plant fibers into a working bow string
  • Cut and straighten arrow shafts, and fletch them with real feathers & natural glue
  • Create a quiver to carry the arrows you’ve crafted during the week

† Tuition is based on a self-determined sliding scale. Funds received above the minimum go to our scholarship fund as a tax-deductible donation (you will receive a receipt at the end of the year).

  • 3PM Sunday - 3PM Friday
  • 6 days/5 nights, includes all meals and camping
  • $780-980
    per session

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