school breaks

School Break Days

When school is closed the woods are open. Turn off those devices and come outside!

TV Day or Let 'em Come Play?

School is out so why not join us in the wood for some epic outdoor fun?

Upcoming Break Day Dates:

  • ICSD Conference Day, October 19
  • ICSD Parent Teacher Conference Day, November 9
  • Veteran's Day, November 12, 2018
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 21, 2019
  • ICSD Vacation Day, March 15
  • ICSD Conference Day, March18

8:30AM to 3:30PM filled with fun and adventure for participants ages 6-12.

Epic Day Add On: Pickup by 4:30pm @ $5-10/day - LIMITED SPACES, FILLS QUICKLY!

Payments above $65 per day/ $5 per Epic Day are tax-deductible donations; thank you for your generous support of our scholarship fund!

Please be sure you are familiar with our policies and procedures before registering.

Please use Firefox or Chrome to register online, since Safari and Explorer are not compatible with our registration software.

With regret, we see that in our haste to get malfunctioning registration software back online we cut and pasted an email announcement together in a way that invited misrepresentation. And we apologize for any culturally insensitive sentiments that may have arisen as a result this text.
For those not familiar with our programs, it might be reasonable to think the text was intended to portray Indigenous Peoples’ Day as the time to harvest plants and play hiding games as a way of depicting how Cayuga people inhabit the land they share with us. The Cayugas we know are in fact playful, plant-eating people! But with few exceptions, it is not ever our intention to suggest that our choice of activities reflect the specific traditions and lifeways of any indigenous group. When we do incorporate cultural sharing, we are diligent about identifying the source and context of the activity and, when appropriate, identifying lineage and/or permissions.

For those who were unaware of Columbus Day being (at least locally) renamed Indigenous Peoples’ Day, it may also have appeared that we named our program Indigenous Peoples’ Day. We could have perhaps been more clear about the holiday being different from the program.
We sincerely ally ourselves with others who challenge persistent stereotypes and systems of oppression, especially with respect to our Native brothers and sisters who wish to return to and reside on their ancestral homelands. It is our intention to honor and credit the inhabitance of the Cayugas who have been good stewards of this land continuously, for longer than we can know.

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  • School Break Days
  • Oct. 8 & 19 | Nov. 9 & 12 | Jan. 21 | March 15 & 18
  • 4-H Acres
  • $65.00 - $95.00 per Day
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