Anna Bundy

My friends describe my passion and zest for life by saying “There is no one that loves anything as much as you love something.” Well, I love a lot of things, but there is nothing I love more than nature. There is nothing that brings me more peace than stepping into a green space. I have always been this way, soaking in every moment in the great outdoors and dreading those when I feel forced to come indoors.

As a child I spent my time climbing trees, adventuring on camping excursions, assisting my family in tending our large edible garden, assisting with the animals, was a member of 4-H, Junior Master Gardeners, and attended Camp Wilderness each year. As I grew my passion for nature only deepened as I began to awaken to the powerful healing effects that it had.

Fast forward to college and I am gifted with the opportunity of a lifetime: a three-week Study Abroad trip in the biologically diverse country of Costa Rica. My life was forever changed as we spent our days conducting field studies and backpacking around Biological Research stations on each corner of the country. Within this program, one reigning truth has stuck with me the most: We are all connected. We are one with nature, not above it.