Earth Living Skills Circle

Join our community as we connect and grow our collective knowledge of earth living skills each week.

Share and practice advanced wilderness skills in a community of dedicated learners and teachers. We will gather to support and inspire each other on the path to mastery of skills such as; advanced shelter, bow drill and hand drill fire, winter tree Id, bow and arrow making, tracking, basket weaving, hunting, animal processing and cooking, hide tanning, food preservation and navigation.

Our intention is for this circle to be collaborative with topics guided by the knowledge of the group and the flow of the seasons. 

The focus for the fall season will include: 

Advanced shelter including post and beam shed construction and an optional overnight in a well built debris hut. Hunting tools and skills including bow and arrow making and practice of stalking and still hunting. Friction fire, skinning and processing animals and more! 

Bring your own crafts to barter at the trade circle and work on skills over a warm bowl from the stew pot. Whether you are making your first bow drill fire or hunting your first deer with a hand made bow and arrow you are among friends. 

Where: 4-h Acres 418 Lower Creek Rd Ithaca 

When: Thursdays 2:10-5:30 

Fall Dates: November 11th and 18th,  December 9th and 16th

FEE: By donation 

What to bring: Clothing, food and water to be comfortable in the Fall woods. An ingredient for the stew pot. Projects to work on and crafts to trade. Your favorite tools: knife, saw, WOOD CHISELS if you have them. Your knowledge and skill to share and your curiosity. 

I recognize so many trees and plants here that I learned about in my time with you and have been passing on my fascination with fire to many people since I arrived. This program has watered a seed in me that wants to grow tall and strong for the rest of my life.”