Mentors In Training

All positions for Summer 2021 have been filled

Take your skills up a notch! Be mentored by our experienced Wilderness Instructor staff! Spend an unforgettable summer in nature forging friendships as part of a team!

Be an integral part of a thriving summer camp…as a Mentor in Training!

Who: Interested teens ages 13-15

Our goal is to create powerful growth experiences for all of our teens. Under the wings of our seasoned Wilderness Instructor staff, our youth leaders are in the unique position of simultaneously observing and practicing mentoring skills while being mentored themselves. 

As a Mentor In Training with Primitive Pursuits you will have the opportunity to learn and teach side by side with our seasoned staff in the following areas:

  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Earth Living/Outdoor/Naturalist Skills
  • Primitive Technologies
  • Awareness of Self and Others
  • Mentoring Practices
  • Communication and Professionalism

A Day in the Life of a Summer Mentor In Training:

Our Mentors In Training become part of a team of instructors working with a group of campers for the week. They arrive at camp early each day to participate in team-building, game-planning, and preparation time with the rest of the staff. This sneak peek behind the scenes allows teens to begin developing an awareness for both curriculum design as well as the need for improvisation, making last-minute changes due to things like weather or new opportunities. Throughout the day they play dual roles; both as participants, practicing skills along with the group, and as assistants, being called upon to lead activities. At the end of each day they participate in our daily debrief, receiving and offering valuable feedback, sharing stories and closing the circle for the day. Some teens will assist in our after-camp care, Epic Day.

All Summer MITs participate in Coyote Camp, plus two weeks in the MIT program being mentored by and assisting Wilderness Instructors in day camp programs. Mentors In Training do not directly supervise younger campers and are not included in our staff to camper ratios.

    Coyote Camp 

    Coyote Camp is our week-long teen leadership training experience!

    Coyote Camp will be at 4H Acres, meeting Monday through Friday during regular Day Camp hours. There is an optional Thursday Overnight for 14 and 15-year-old Mentors In Training. 

    What to expect from Coyote Camp:

    • Receive direct instruction and mentoring from core Primitive Pursuits staff
    • Practice your own mentoring skills in the field working with younger campers
    • Dive deeper into primitive technology, outdoor and naturalist skills alongside experienced mentors
    • Experience one on one coaching and skill assessment in five core areas: Mentoring Practices, Primitive/Outdoor/Naturalist Skills, Leadership and Teamwork, Communication and Professionalism, and Awareness (Nature, Self, Others, and the Big Picture)
    • Bonus! Receive the coveted, limited edition 2021 Mentor In Training T-shirt

    Are you ready for the challenge?! Check out the details below:

    Details about the Primitive Pursuits Mentor In Training program:
    • Who: Teens aged 13 -15
    • When: Weeks 2-10 of summer camp
    • What: MITs are eligible to work with campers aged 3-10. Occasionally returning MITs are invited to work with instructors in our Advanced and Specialty Camps.
    • How: Fill out the application. There are limited spaces available in the MIT program and we recommend applying early. We will schedule a phone interview with each applicant in mid-March and start accepting teens into the program in April 2021.
    • Cost: Price includes All Staff Orientation, Coyote Camp (week-long MIT Training week) plus two weeks as a MIT in the field.
      • New MIT: $300 (14 and 15-year-olds are eligible for Thursday overnight add-on @ $65)
      • Returning MIT: $300 (includes Thursday overnight)
      • Ring 2 MIT (by invitation only): $250 (includes Thursday overnight)
    • Additional weeks as a Mentor In Training do not carry a fee but must be approved by the Camp Director.
    • RING 2: A small group of returning Mentors In Training will be invited to a “Ring 2” position in Coyote Camp. These more experienced mentors will be assigned leadership roles during Coyote Camp and will be guided through an advanced experience while being given more responsibility and opportunities.

    Mentor In Training applicants are required to:

    • Apply and be accepted into the program
    • Participate in All Staff Training Day 8 am – 4 pm
    • Participate in Coyote Camp  
    • Receive Mentoring from and Assist our Wilderness Instructors: This is a 40 hour/week commitment for at least 2 weeks over the course of the summer.
    • Mentors In Training are welcome to request additional weeks, however, all requests must be approved by the Summer Camp Director.