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Get Out and Stay Out this Fall with Primitive Pursuits!

Adults: Weekend Workshops

 Up next: November 8 - 9 at 4-H Acres


This weekend will focus on the art of shaping stone into precise and efficient hunting and crafting tools. Flintknapping is a focused skill, so the weekend will be broken up with lots of shooting, stalking, camouflage, tracking, and other skills of the hunter. By the end of the weekend you will be hafting (attaching) handmade arrowheads to your arrow shafts with all natural glue and animal tendon sinew for lashing. You will leave with the beginnings of a stone tool kit for carving, scraping, and overall shaping of wood. Part of our Wilderness Skills  Workshop Series.

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Youth: School Break Days!

Up next: November 11th

Hunter-Gatherer Day:

Fall is the season of the harvest and the hunter! Join us as we gather and prepare wild foods, learn how to build fires and craft our own tools. We will practice the skills of wilderness living and true survival with our forest home as our classroom, playground and sanctuary from the routines of our usual day. What's better than a day off from school? How about a day in the great outdoors with the most fun nature educators around! Turn off those devices and don't let the day go to waste!

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Join Us for After School!

We are hosting afterschool programs at Belle Sherman Elementary,
Dryden Middle School and on West Hill at Y-Adventure Land this Fall.

We'll find our home in the forest, looking for stories in the
tracks and playing games among the trees.

Join us each week to discover mysteries, help tend the fire for our
tea kettle and bring home tales of adventure!

See a gallery of photos from our  after-school program adventures!

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