Coyote Programs

Our Saturday leadership programs are an opportunity for young people to practice group team-building challenges and wilderness living skills in an inclusive, supportive group of peers. 

Explore. Discover. Connect.

New and returning teens are invited to lead each other on new paths, as they venture out to diverse natural areas and light fires of inspiration and connection. 

Welcome to the Circle! Each gathering will be chock-full of skills to learn and practice!

Our teen meet-ups offer an incredible opportunity to learn life skills in the outdoors amongst a supportive group of peers and highly qualified mentors. Our process and small group size ensure an inclusive and supportive group culture.

We are excited to witness and nurture the creativity and ingenuity of these awesome young minds!


Coyote is calling. Will you answer?

Are you ready to step on the path of the Coyote? Coyote Mentoring is the approach we use to deepen awareness, inspire curiosity, and create the container for our work as Wilderness Instructors in the Nature Connection movement. This program is for preteens ages 10-12 who are interested in epic adventures, skill-building and team challenges all while exploring what leadership looks like at Primitive Pursuits.

    Ages 10-12 | Three Saturdays 12:00PM – 6:00PM
    4-H Acres, 418Lower Creek Road, Ithaca


    • April 13th
    • May 11th
    • June 8th
    Join Us for Group Challenges/Team Building:
    • Plant ID
    • Wild Edibles
    • Cooking on the fire
    • Bird Language
    • Projectiles
    • Bark Containers

    Coyote’s Path Fee
    Fee: $165-$265*

    Scholarships are available!* Applications can be accessed through your Account

    COYOTE HOWL – Spring 2024

    Three Saturdays 12:00PM – 8:00PM
    Ages 13-18
    Location: 4-H Acres, Lower Creek Rd, and Various Locations

    • April 13th
    • May 11th- Overnight at 4-H Acres
    • June 8th
    Join Us for Group Challenges/Team Building:
    • Willow weaving with ESF harvested willow
    • Establishing willow gardens at 4-H for future weaving projects
    • Bow drill
    • Wild edibles
    • Cooking on the fire
    • Reflective group circles
    • Solo self-reflection time
    • Storytelling
    • Goal setting – inner/self-growth goals and earth skills goals
    • Forming long-last friendships and bonds with their peers

    Coyote Howl Fee
    Fee: $215-$315*

    Overnight Opion: $85

    Scholarships are available!* Applications can be accessed through your Account