Growing Wild

At Growing Wild we create a home in nature for young children. In this all-outdoor camp, the kids often lead the way while caring adult mentors gently guide them to try new things.

Half-Day Summer Camp

Ages 3-5

Registration Opens January 15th

Each day at Growing Wild, children explore the woods and stream and learn about the animals that call them home. Running, climbing, jumping, and splashing, they connect with their bodies and imaginations. Using natural materials like clay and rock-paint, they create works of woodland art. As a group we sing songs and tell stories, learning and growing together.

Eligibility for Growing Wild Summer Camp is dependent on the following criteria:

  • Age: Child must be 3 years old by May 1
  • Toileting: Child must be out of diapers/pull-ups and needing only minimal assistance with toileting. Children are encouraged to pee outside and to poop in a child potty that is kept at our base camp. Occasionally we are too far from a potty and need to use the nature bathroom (pee on the ground, poop in a hole) with assistance. There is also an indoor bathroom a short walk away.