Ithaca Forest Preschool

In 2014 Primitive Pursuits launched Ithaca Forest Preschool an all-outdoor nature immersion program for ages 3-5

In January 2014, Tim Drake and Melissa Blake started hatching plans for a preschool program. Melissa was coming from years of extensive experience as a nature educator across the country and didn’t want to wait until her son was six for him to be able to participate in Primitive Pursuits. Tim had several years of experience as a preschool teacher at Great Horizons and wanted to get back to helping young kids discover the world around them.

According to Tim, [Preschool students] are willing to let go and move into uncharted territory because everything is uncharted territory.”

…and thanks to them our forest preschool program was born!

In addition to a two, three and five day a week preschool program, Ithaca Forest Preschool offers periodic no-cost Forest Play Days and open house events.