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What to Bring (all programs)

For the health of each participant and to facilitate high quality programming, we provide a list of required items that each participant must bring to each day of each program. If a participant does not arrive equipped with all of the outlined items, they may be sent home for the day without a refund. This list will vary from season to season.

To-Bring Lists by Season (view or download):

Medication Policy (all youth programs)

Parents or guardians are required to provide a doctor's written order and information for any medication (prescription or O.T.C.) that a child may be taking during programs. All medication must be in its original container. When you sign your child into a program a designated instructor will sign in any medication and will carry it until needed by your child. By NYS Health Department regulations, all medications must be self-administered. Your child may not be permitted to come to the program if he or she is unable to self-administer required medication. If your child has an EpiPen, our medically trained staff will assist them if necessary. When the program is over, be sure to sign out your child's medication.

Late Pick-Up Policy (all youth programs)

Please be aware, our staff have families, too! If your child remains in our care beyond the appointed pick up time we reserve the right to charge you for the additional supervision costs incurred. The cost is $20 for each fifteen minute increment or portion thereof. For example, if you are 1-15 min. late, the cost is $20. If you are 16-30 min. late, the cost is $40. By signing the registration form you agree to this policy and agree to be charged accordingly.

Late Arrival / Early Departure Policy (all youth programs)

Please give at least 2 business days' advance notice to (eg. by Thursday morning for Monday program). Our programs often happen away from the parking area, and so these situations require special arrangements among our field staff. We do our best to accommodate these requests as much as possible and will be in communication to confirm with you. If you have not given this notice, you will be charged $20 for each 15-minute increment (or portion thereof) that you drop off or pick up within set youth program times.

Friend Requests (all youth programs)

If your child would like to be in a group with a friend or relative, please email with the name of both children, the name of the particular program/camp and the start date of that program, no later than 7 days before it starts.

Summer Camps Basic Info

Answers to many common questions including payment deadlines, medical paperwork, camp timing, extended care hours, locations:

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We create a space where each participant can feel at home among peers and mentors and within the elements of nature. Experiencing the non-judgmental simplicity and expansiveness of nature within a supportive group creates a powerful space for healthy personal growth. More about our commitment to diversity here:

"Each basket we weave has its own journey, from the mineral-rich ground that held the seeds, to the sunlight that provided their nourishment, to the water that flowed through them, to animals that sought them for refuge, to the appreciation with which they were harvested and then the intentions they were crafted with." A.V.N., Wilderness Year Participant

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