A Focused Vision

Through our mission, we work daily to achieve a cultural intervention that will bring back into our modern lives a necessary and healthy relationship between our human communities and the natural world.

Over the past several years we have experienced exciting growth for Primitive Pursuits. As we celebrate our local achievements and over a decade and a half of local nature connection and community building, we are sowing the seeds to build our organization’s reach beyond the confines of Tompkins County.

Providing more opportunities for people to get outside exploring nature and learning the skills that have served our ancestors since the dawn of time is core to our mission.

In 2013 we hit a milestone for expanding that mission to our youngest citizens with the founding of the Ithaca Forest Preschool and Forest Playgroup Programs.

Seeing the great need to have more naturalists on the ground and more nature enthusiasts in children’s lives as role models, we created our Wilderness Skills Intensive and Wilderness Skills Instructor Certification programs and began offering our adult workshop series for the more casual enthusiast.

Most recently we have expanded our teen offerings in response to participants wanting to continue on their journey with us once they complete our youth programs. This has resulted in our popular Counselor in Training mentorship program and our Overnight Summer camps.

Graduates of our Wilderness Skills Instructor Certification continue to spread their wings and journey on to different locales—from Long Island to Rochester and beyond—and the skill sets, mentoring techniques, and organizational container offered by Primitive Pursuits are carried to communities far and wide.

We continue planning unforgettable adventures and life-changing journeys and we thank you for your support.

If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, sponsor, donor or simply an advocate out in the world, we welcome your involvement and look forward to connecting.

As ever, we look forward to seeing you in the woods.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." Albert Einstein

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