Get Outside. Get Connected. Have Fun.

Need to unwind and engage with nature after a full day in a classroom?  We've been offering fun and engaging programs in the outdoors for over ten years. Join us at one of our current locations or reach out if you'd like to discuss setting up a program at your school!  

  • West Hill
    Fall, Winter, and Spring Trimesters.
    Ages 6-10. Fire up the tea pot and get ready to bring home tales of outdoor adventure!
  • Belle Sherman
    Fall, Winter, and Spring Trimesters.
    Grades 1 - 5. Join us as we learn in the wild and step off the beaten path!
  • Dryden with RYS Program
    September - June
    For middle school aged youth from the Town of Dryden school district.
  • Caroline Elementary with RYS Program
    September - June
    Join your friends as we explore the wilds and step off the beaten path behind Caroline Elementary School!
  • Enfield Elementary with RYS Program
    September - June
    Join your friends as we explore the wilds and step off the beaten path around Enfield Elementary School!
"Respect and community-building are what your program is all about.To my mind, the development of primitive skills (plant and animal identification, tracking, shelter-building, and friction-fire building), are secondary to building strong community in which every single person has her or his place and is accepted and valued because of who they are." L​.​K​.​, Parent


Full Year Tuition:

  • $525-800

Trimester Tuition:

  • Fall Trimester Sliding Scale: $200-300
  • Winter Trimester Sliding Scale: $150-250
  • Spring Trimester Sliding Scale: $200-300

** Call our office at 607-272-2292 ext 195 to discuss prices, available scholarships, and/or payment plans.


What to Bring Fall
What to Bring Winter
What to Bring Spring
What to Bring Summer

After School Programs


West Hill: Fall, Winter & Spring Trimesters

Belle Sherman: Fall, Winter & Spring Trimesters

Dryden: Fall, Winter & Spring Trimesters

Caroline Elementary with the RYS Program: Fridays - April 1st-June 10th

2016-2017 Dates

  • Fall Trimester: September 19th-December 16th
    • No Program: October 10th, November 11th, November 21st-25th
  • Winter Explorers and Tracks and Trails: January 9th - March 17th
    • No Program: January 16th, February 21st-24t
  • Spring Trimester: March 20th - June 9th
    • No Program: April 18th-21st
"Primitive Pursuits is the highlight of my son’s year! He loves everything about it." J.H., Parent

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We’re happy to help you navigate. Give us a call at the office (607) 272-2292 ext. 195 or use the link below

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