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Homeschool Programming

Our homeschool programs are our oldest and longest running programs and very near and dear to our hearts.  It has been an honor to deliver an experience of connection with the natural world to such an extraordinary group of young people who choose to come back into the woods with us year after year. 

  • 4-H Acres FALL/Spring
    FALL: Sept. 19 - Dec. 19, 2019
    SPRING: Mar. 26 - June 11, 2020
    For Ages 6 - 16
    Come explore 400 acres of diverse environments: the Ash Grove, the Hemlock forest, the Beaver dam, bubbling streams, open meadows, and more.
  • 4-H Acres WINTER
    January 9 - March 12, 2020
    For ages 6-10
    Hone your winter survival skills and make your home in the 400 acres of diverse natural areas at 4-H Acres each week.
  • Winter Explorers
    January 9 - March 12, 2020
    For Ages 10-16
    Depart from Cornell Cooperative Extension weekly to practice tracking, forestry, navigation, storytelling and more in locations throughout the county.
"Now, more than ever, we need nature as a balancing agent." Richard Louv, Author of 'The Last Child in the Woods'

We welcome children from ages 6-16, and create time each day for community gathering, gratitude, individual interest, exploration, and peer-based projects. We hold a family celebration potluck at the end of the fall and spring sessions, where families and friends are invited to come share food and stories of the season.

Our homeschool community is in many ways the heart of Primitive Pursuits, one of the core places we are weaving our basket of community and connection, and which has been growing and evolving for over 15 years!


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What to Bring Winter
What to Bring Spring
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4-H Acres Homeschool Program

Our home base! Nestled among 400 acres of diverse natural areas 4-H Acres is home to hemlock groves, forest swamps, beaver habitats and the babbling brooks that feed into Fall Creek. Meet Grandmother Hickory, look for fisher sign and settle into Village Camp, with its primitive shelter and cob oven. Or make time for tea at White Pine Camp before an epic game takes you through the goldenrod meadow and the dogwood maze. On trail or off trail, animal sign and native plant life abound here, providing endless opportunity for learning.

  • Fall Trimester: September - December
  • Winter Explorers and Winter Tracks and Trails:
    January - March
  • Spring Trimester: April - June

All programs run 9:00AM - 1:30PM.

Winter Tracks and Trails (Ages 6-10)
Winter Explorers (Ages 10-15)
Thursdays Traveling from CCE

Boldly go places you've never been before! Join us as we explore different winter habitats each week around Tompkins County, and push our wilderness living skills in new directions. Pack up the snow gear and hop on the Primitive Pursuits Express. We'll take advantage of the season, no matter the weather, to practice tracking, forestry, navigation, storytelling and Winter SURVIVAL!

This is a traveling weekly program that leaves in a van from Cornell Cooperative Extension, 615 Willow Ave.


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"I want to thank you for voicing for our young people an appreciation and way of recognizing the deeper importance of our human connection with nature. This gives these children a new vocabulary that enables them to articulate for themselves...their feelings about their connection to nature." Parent

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