The fisher and cardinal flocks got a special surprise on this gloomy, rainy, day when they found out they were going to be spending the homeschool session as one giant group! Together, the group spent the day collecting firewood, playing an array of games, and enjoying lunch around the fire they built.

The fun started with a game of fox tail before enjoying morning snack. Fox tail is a chase game where each participant tries to steal the tail off the fox! Once the fox tail is stolen, you are the new fox! However, this was just the beginning of a fun filled day.

The next game was a scavenger hunt. The giant group broke up into groups of five and scavenged the woods for an assortment of items, while trying to avoid getting tagged by the evil trolls. If tagged by the trolls, they had to give up an item. Once a group collected all the items on the list, they could cure a troll!

In between games, sticks and twigs were collected and sorted to build a warm fire. Around the fire, we refueled and enjoyed lunch. Everyone worked together to build a warm fire on a rainy, gloomy day. Both Flocks loved coming together for the day. By doing this, they were able to get to know each other better, make new friends, and grow off of each others creativity. This provided a day of team work and collaboration. Everyone is hopeful for another day like this in the future.