The Robin Song

by Shep

Origin: Written by Shep, Primitive Pursuits instructor and Wilderness Year participant 2017.


I’m a little robin, skipping ‘cross the lawn

Picking up worms and singin’ my song

Cheer-up Cheerily, Cheerily Cheer-up

I’m a little robin skipping ‘cross the lawn

Verse 1

If I don’t get a worm, I don’t care

Spread my wings and I’ll take to the air

One less burden I have to carry

I can still fly, I can still be merry


Verse 2

Protecting my robins, sons and daughters

And all them robin, robin nest robbers

When they hatch, they’ll fly from the tree

And come to my side to sing with me


Verse 3

Gotta watch out for the fox on the ground

Hawks in the air, making their rounds

If I don’t see them coming, my friends will let me know

Listen for the sounds of the song sparrow

(Repeat chorus two more times)