Sarah Chaffee

Field Staff

Sarah’s love for the outdoors began at a young age during trips to her family’s dairy farm in Pennsylvania. She spent long summer days with her cousins getting lost in cornfields, catching crawfish and salamanders in a creek, and singing to cows. Growing up in the suburbs of Washington D.C., Sarah had to find unique ways to connect to the small amounts of nature around her. In high school, she discovered photography and her love of visual storytelling and used this creative outlet to connect to her natural surroundings.

Sarah found her way to Primitive Pursuits in 2017 after applying for a photojournalist internship. After spending the summer outside and taking pictures (her dream come true), she decided to continue working with Primitive Pursuits and hasn’t looked back since! Sarah learned that while she loves taking photos, she also has a passion for helping children form meaningful connections to nature, just like the ones she made as a child. Today you can find Sarah in Trillium Camp where she works as an Ithaca Forest Preschool instructor or out in the woods still taking pictures. Sarah is so grateful to work at a place as loving and supportive as Primitive Pursuits and hope that others find their home and happiness here too.