Schools and Groups

We love connecting with school groups and other organizations to help get more kids outside learning, laughing and exploring! Contact us to design a program just for you.

Many of our programs are designed to connect with district curriculum and learning targets.  

4-H Acres day Trip

All-In! Come explore 400 acres of diverse environments: the Ash Grove, the Hemlock forest, the Beaver dam, bubbling streams, open meadows, and more. Meet Grandmother Hickory and explore Village Camp, with its primitive shelter and cob oven.  

AGES 6-16

Field trips can be modified to meet the needs of your group.
Contact us for details or to set up a date.


Arnot Forest Trip

Take a walk on the wild side…4,000 acres of it! The Arnot Field Campus is a 20 minute drive from downtown Ithaca. Visit the Arnot Forest Camp website to learn more about the location.

AGES 6 and up

Overnight accommodations are avaiable.

Custom Programs

We can design a program just for you at one of our locations or at your site.

Reach out to one of our staff members to discuss options for your next adventure.

Primitive Pursuits has been one of the highlights of our sons’ learning, and a joy to our whole family.”
JM, Homeschool Parent