THANK YOU for Summer Camp 2023

Summer 2024 camps will be posting in January.

Primitive Pursuits has offered Summer Camps to kids and teens in the Finger Lakes since 2003. Our talented leaders craft each week to bring growth, fun, and discovery through wilderness survival skills, nature mentoring, and community resilience-based activities. 


Primitive Pursuits affirms that Black Lives Matter. We promise to do our best to, and to continue to learn how to, be a part of the work to eliminate structural racism and white supremacy in all of the spaces of our camp and the rest of our lives.


Primitive Pursuits is committed to the ongoing work of equity, diversity and inclusion. More importantly, we let all families know up front that Primitive Pursuits is a safe spacefor youth and bullying, harassment, or anything less than exuberant acceptance is not tolerated.  

4-H Grows Here Logo

Primitive Pursuits is a non-profit 4-H program in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County.

Growing Wild

Ages 3-5
Half-day camp (Mon-Fri)

Nature is nurture. As mentors and friends, we help young people connect to profound discovery by engaging nature’s elements and navigating its wonders. Within a safe explorative space in the outdoors, imagination and fascination are set free through stories and adventures. 

Forest village camp

Ages 5-7
Day camp (Tues-Fri) 

Welcome home to the Forest Village, where children learn to feel at home in the outdoors and meet new friends. Our Forest Village is an intimate space where younger campers get to know each other and their instructors, with an opportunity to return for more.

Forest explorers

Ages 6-8
Day Camp (Tues-Fri) 
The Adventure continues! Our brave band of Forest Explorers will venture into the forest to further explore the landscape and delight in nature’s gifts and mysteries. We will navigate the terrain, learning the names of plants and animals and playing exciting woodland games. 

Pathfinder Camps (OPENINGS)

Ages 8-10
Day camp (Tues-Fri) 
Discover the power of wilderness skills and the company of friends with camps that explore unique skill sets each week. Pathfinder camps are designed to offer a more peer-based experience in which campers can further develop the skills and paths of their choosing.

Advanced Camps

Ages 9-12
Day camp (Tues-Fri) 
Advanced Camps provide campers an opportunity to push their skills to the next level. We offer a wide variety of Advanced Camps to choose from.


Advanced  Day Camps

Advanced Camps provide campers an opportunity to push their skills to the next level. Some Advanced Camps offer overnight options where campers can gain confidence and self-reliance under the guidance of skilled wilderness instructors.

Ages: 9-12
Fee: Sliding Scale $385-$485
Tuesday - Friday: 8:45AM-4:30PM
Drop off: 8:45AM-9:00AM
Pick up: 4:15PM-4:30PM

Advanced Camps Include: Forest Engineers, Forest Sports, Luna's Fire, Enchanted Forest, and more!

Specialty Camps

Ages 11-14
Day camps with varied hours and pricing
Specialty Day (and evening!) Camps take older and returning campers to the next level. Camps include more intensive skills and unique opportunities with mentors and peers.

Color Foragers

Ages 11-14
Day Camp | August 22 - 25 | 385-$485
The forest is full of color! As Color Foragers we will harvest the brightest hues of the forest. This camp centers natural dyeing with wild plants and developing related skills. 

River Scouts (Traveling)

Ages 11-14
Day Camp  
Become the eyes and ears of the river. Practice creek camouflage. Become the bayou. And cool off among secret headwaters of area streams, gorges and waterfalls.