Tiffany Cheezem 

Thank you to everyone who attended our last Teen Adventure Weekend for the season. We had a group of 7 students camp overnight at Caywood Point on Seneca Lake. Although the weather gave us some challenges, we had a lot of fun and everyone pulled through and withstood the cold winds.

It’s great to work with a group of students (most of which are prospective CIT’s) who can hold a certain level of responsibility and maturity. It makes it easier for the goofy times to be even goofier, and the serious times to be even more meaningful. It’s really wonderful to see each of the teens come out of their shell a bit. When I step back to look at if we’re hitting our mark or not with these programs, I look towards the attributes of connection, one of which is being “truly alive”. Everyone this weekend experienced vitality and aliveness in a beautiful way, and it is my gift to help facilitate that.

Once again we had an epic primitive cooking adventure, this time making hamburgers on a primitive rock grill. We also explored the expansive landscape and played rousing game of “hunt the counselors,” where the students got an opportunity to track down myself and Jeremiah. It was fun for us to be like the deer, sneaking away from our teen predators, and pretty cool to witness them developing a silent, stealthy tracking strategy, making the game tons of fun for all.

Primitive Pursuits hosted five Teen Adventure Weekend camps this year. A number of these campers have progressed to leadership positions within our C.I.T. program (Counselors in Training) and will be mentoring younger students this summer.