Your gift to Primitive Pursuits helps to bring more youth into the woods - exploring, learning and building confidence that will serve them for a lifetime.

It’s been a great privilege to bring all-outdoor nature programming to thousands of kids in Tompkins County and beyond over the past 15+ years.

We believe the work we do is vital to the health and well-being of our community and the future of our planet, and are thrilled to get to witness kids growing up into resilient, competent people who make a real difference in the world!

Our current fundraising efforts are focused on the mission and business goals outlined below. If you would like to hear more or help, please be in touch, we would love to talk.

Mission: Increase Nature Access for All

Nature connection can be a place of common ground between diverse communities. We have come to know that our work will only be truly successful if it is available to everyone. We are working to create a culture that is inclusive of a broader experience because it will make us stronger. And, we believe that this larger ring of influence and perspectives will expand the positive social impact of our work.

Our efforts to increase Nature Access for All include:

  • Greater staff and participant diversity
  • Expanding Community Partnerships
  • Continued Staff Development
  • Initiatives to reach more children in the ICSD

Business: Financial and Organizational Stability

  • New fundraising efforts
  • Increasing sponsorships & partnerships
  • Get outside grant writing help
If you believe that getting kids outside, being active in their natural world is critical for their future then I hope you will consider a tax-deductible gift to help. Again, if you would like to hear, please be in touch, we would love to talk!

Thank You for anything you have already done to support our mission!

"My daughter has been pointing out plants to us, and she made a great shelter in just a few minutes on a hike the other day just to show us her skills. We are impressed!" T.P., Parent

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