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Come discover what a powerful teacher nature can be! There is no place more giving, patient and challenging to support individual growth and group empowerment.

Welcome to the Arnot Forest

This summer we are thrilled to debut longer camp experiences and offerings for younger campers. Explore what we have planned and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have.

Our overnight camps for ages 9-16 are on a separate site at

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What if I need to update something in my forms?

Please contact our registrar to make any changes or updates in your Overnight Forms. Please email

Health and Safety

Does my doctor need to use your Doctor-completed medical form or can they use their own form?

Please use our form to ensure that we have all of the information needed for our specific camp. You may use a separate immunization form as long as the doctor has signed the separate document.

Are there any required vaccinations or tests to attend camp?

No, we do not require vaccinations or specific tests to attend camp. If you have chosen to not vaccinate your child, we require a letter signed by a parent or legal guardian stating you choose not to vaccinate your child.

What are the most common mistakes with medical forms?

  • Failing to submit Doctor-signed Immunization records: This is required by the state. A parent submitted copy or list does not qualify.
  • Not including over-the-counter medications in the “Camper Medication and Supplement List”: Even though your Doctor may not usually dictate what vitamins, supplements, or OTC medications you give your children, New York State requires camps to have a prescription for any item administered to your child while at camp.
  • Not getting your Doctor’s signature on each page: All three pages must have written doctor’s orders and signature
  • Using an alternate form for the Physical and then not completing the other forms in this packet: There is no alternate form for the Physician orders and the Camper Medication and Supplement List
  • Not checking the box on each line in the Physical Orders for Medications Form. This allows us to offer many different first aid remedies as needed.

The “Doctor completed Medical Forms” require extra attention from you. Without these forms completed, your child’s spot in camp will not be held nor will you be able to drop off your child on Opening day. As they all require a Doctor’s signature, incomplete forms cannot be easily corrected.

Please review the forms as the Doctor completed them and do not leave your appointment until you are sure all sections are completed and signed on every line.

My child does not take a prescription medication, but does take vitamins and supplements, how do I include this information?

For non-prescription meds, vitamins, and supplements that your camper takes regularly, NY STATE REQUIRES A PHYSICIAN’S WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION AND APPROPRIATE DOSAGE, AS WELL AS WRITTEN PARENTAL PERMISSION. This is the purpose of the “Camper Medication and Supplement List” Form. Even though your Doctor may not usually dictate what vitamins, supplements, or OTC medications you give your children, New York State requires camps to have a prescription for any item administered to your child while at camp.

Per NY State Law, we cannot administer your camper her/his vitamins or supplements unless we have written doctor’s approval.

Registration Details

What scholarships are available?

Scholarship Information

At Primitive Pursuits we are committed to making our programs available to as many people as possible. To this end, we generate scholarships via our sliding-scale fee on a program-to-program basis. Any contributions made over the minimum of the sliding scale for all our programs are tax-deductible donations to our scholarship fund. Thus, scholarships are limited to the sum of these funds and are awarded based on equitable distribution.

We review donations the first week of each month, and make decisions regarding scholarship awards soon thereafter.

Recipients will be notified by email and given a timeframe within which to accept or decline the amount awarded and complete payment of the balance.

Additional Outside Sources for Scholarships:

Although we do our best to make sure that everyone can attend our programs, please also consider applying right away to the following supplemental financial assistance programs, to allow them time for processing your application:

  • Ithaca Youth Bureau ECHO Scholarship - This scholarship is through the Ithaca Youth Bureau and intended for youth in Tompkins County, at any time of year.
  • The Town of Danby offers grants to youth up to age 21 for camps and afterschool programs. Info & application: or on the Town Hall bulletin board.
  • If you live outside of the Towns of Ithaca and Danby, inquire at your local town hall for possibilities of youth scholarships. Please let us know of any resources you find!

What to Know About Our Scholarships Before Applying:

  • The maximum scholarship we can supply for any program is outlined below by program type.
  • Larger scholarships are considered under extenuating circumstances, and on a case by case basis.
  • Scholarship applications must be submitted a minimum of 30 days before the program start date to ensure consideration. You may apply closer to the start date, but we cannot guarantee a response before the program begins.

Maximum Scholarship Amounts by Program:

  • After School, Homeschool and School Break programs: 50% of program cost up to $100.
  • Growing Wild Summer Camp: $50 per week for a maximum of 2 weeks of camp per child.
  • Summer Day Camp: $100 per week for a maximum of 2 weeks of camp per child.
  • Overnight Camp: $225 per week of overnight camp for a maximum of 2 weeks of camp.
  • Forest Preschool Trimester: $100 in scholarship for the first day/week, then $50 for each additional day/week (e.g., If you are registered for Mondays & Wednesdays, the maximum amount in scholarship would be $150)
  • Adult Workshops: 50% of program cost up to $100.
  • Wilderness Skills/Nature Mentoring: up to $300
  • Wilderness Year: up to $1000

How to Apply:

  • Create an Online Account Portal using a computer and Firefox or Chrome (not Safari or Explorer, not on a tablet or smartphone)
  • Sign up for your selected program(s) and pay a deposit (EXCEPT summer camps after May 1, email to arrange deposit payment thru Registrar).
  • Complete a separate scholarship application for EACH participant and EACH program. Epic Days are not eligible for scholarship funds.
  • (eg. Robin Bird for Base Camp starting 7/1/18, requesting $50; Jay Bird for Growing Wild Camp starting 7/1/18, requesting $25).
  • If you are applying for a scholarship for more than the maximum amount listed above, please email our office at with information about your circumstances.
What is your cancellation and refund policy?
Different programs have different program-specific policies.
Please see our Payment Policies page for more information.
  • In order for any program change or refund request to be considered, it must be made in writing through the registrar, even if you have discussed this with another staff person, such as a field educator.
  • The effective date of all refund requests is the DATE OF THE EMAIL notifying the Registrar of your request.
  • Changes and refunds are NOT guaranteed and only the Registrar can process these changes.
  • Epic Days and donations (amount paid above the base rate) are nonrefundable.
  • All deposits (even "non-refundable deposits") will be returned if you are unable to participate in a program for lack of a scholarship request being approved.

Please email with your full name, phone number, the participant's name, the full program name(s), and the program start date(s).
No phone calls, please.

Need a trail guide?

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