The woods are alive with the sound of camp songs!

Kids returned to 4-H acres after months of their absence to venture through the forest once again.

Burn Fire Burn was sung profusely this week as campers built their fires during lunchtime, encouraging the fires to grow big enough to roast apples and other food campers brought to camp that could go on a stick. As campers and instructors alike improved their fire-making skills throughout the week, the cooking became more delicious.

The end of the camp week means special treats! Ash cakes, tea and pizza were the rewards at the end of scavenger hunts for Forest Explorers and Forest Village camps.

Thursday and Friday saw temperatures rising into the high 80’s and 90’s, so campers took the trek to Fall Creek to cool off. Campers joined crayfish and small creatures in the shallow water to explore and cool off, with The Critter Song reminding them that anything that “hops, flies, crawls or swims” is a friend to them.

Coyote Camp was a week of building leadership skills and learning for this summer’s group of counselors-in-training. Sean and Danielle led a group of determined CIT’s all throughout the 4-H acres property, where they learned directional skills, building tarp shelters, fire-making, games, songs, teamwork and everything there is to know about being a CIT. They begin using their skills right away when they join camp groups starting next week.

Camp numbers remained at about half capacity so that the new check in, check out and other COVID-19 procedures could be worked out smoothly. We hope the number of campers permitted to join us will increase in the coming weeks.

See you soon.