Week #6: Amphibians & Insects


Ideas on how to incorporate the theme:

Your flock can choose to center your week around amphibians, insects or both! 

Animal forms
This is a great activity for Opening Circle. Role model moving your body like a certain animal and ask your campers to copy you. Invite campers to pick an animal and share its movement

  • Use field guides and/or magnifying glasses 
  • Creek play 
    • Have your campers make an aquarium and a terrarium and talk about why animals that live in different environments need different things 
  • Keep track of all of the different animals you find using a phenology chart. Your flock can add to it every day. You could also come together with another flock and share what you all found 
  • Make a bug hotel 
  • Compete in the frog olympics! 
  • Build houses for toads 
  • Frog Game
    • Have your flock sit in a circle
    • The first person says “one frog.” The next person says “2 eyes,” the third person says “4 legs,” the fourth says “in the puddle,” and the fifth says “ker-plop.” 
    • The next person starts over with “2 frogs” and the game continues as follows: 4 eyes, 8 legs, in the puddle, in the puddle, ker-plop, ker-plop. See how many frogs you can get up to. This may be done to a beat of claps and snaps.
  • Song suggestions: 

Some questions you could ask: 

      • How many insects do you think are in the world? More or less than humans?