• Phenology chart to keep track of what your group finds over the course of the week
  • Field guides
  • Forest Fire for amphibians and/or insects
  • Build a terrarium for animals you find (empty bins in Bowker)
  • Frog Olympics
  • Soak It Up
  • Frog Origami
  • Frog Game-Everyone sits in a circle. The first person says “One frog”. The next person says “2 eyes”, the third person says “4 legs”, the fourth says “in the puddle”, and the fifth says “ker-plop”. The next person starts over with “2 frogs” and the game continues as follows: 4 eyes, 8 legs, in the puddle, in the puddle, ker-plop, ker-plop. See how many frogs you can get up to. This may be done to a beat of claps and snaps.
  • Creek play
  • Animal Forms  

Other camps to connect with: Gifts of the Deer

Songs: Frogs In Yonder Pond, The Critter Song (linked)