Summer Camp Course Levels

Growing Wild

Ages 3-5
Half-day camp | $220-$320 PER WEEK
Nature is our world. As mentors and friends, we help young people connect to profound discovery by helping them safely navigate nature’s elements and nature’s wonders. Within a safe explorative space in the outdoors, imagination and fascination are set free through stories and adventures. At Growing Wild, children grow in their comfort, confidence, and continued appreciation for the wonders of life.
Note: Children must be 3 years old by May 1 and must be out of diapers/pull-ups

Forest Village Day Camps

Ages 5-7
Summer day camp | $300-$400 PER WEEK
Welcome home to the Forest Village, where kids learn to feel at home in the outdoors and meet new friends. With a focus on belonging and familiarity, this camp nurtures younger campers trying out full day camps for their first time and for campers who may not be as familiar with wild nature. This will be a time of laughter, song and nature wonder tailored specifically for our youngest full day campers. Come join the Village!

Forest Explorers

Ages 6-8
Summer day camp | $300-$400 PER WEEK
The Adventure continues! Our brave band of Forest Explorers will venture into the forest to further explore the landscape and delight in nature’s gifts and mysteries. This camp focuses on fostering curiosity and learning through skillful questioning, empowering challenges and centering each child’s experience of delight in nature and self-discovery.

Pathfinder Day Camps

Ages 8-10
Summer day camp | $330-$430 PER WEEK
Discover the power of wilderness skills and the company of friends with camps that explore unique skill sets each week. Pathfinder camps are designed to offer a more peer-based experience in which campers can further develop the skills and paths of their choosing. Each week offers new adventures and creative challenges for both new and returning campers.

Advanced Day Camps

Ages 9-12
Summer day camp | $330-$430 PER WEEK

Advanced Camps provide campers an opportunity to push their skills to the next level. Some Advanced Camps offer overnight options where campers can gain confidence and self-reliance under the guidance of skilled wilderness instructors.

Specialty Day Camps

AGES 11-14
Summer day camp | 
$330-$430 PER WEEK
Specialty Day Camps take older and returning campers to the next level. These camps include more intensive skills like bow making and hide-tanning and may require higher levels of physical stamina and focus from participants.


Teen Leadership

Ages 13-17
Teen Leadership Program
Primitive Pursuits focuses heavily on our youth leadership development programs beginning with our Mentor In Training program and continuing with our Junior Counselor and Teen Assist programs for 16 and 17-year-olds. For more information, visit: