COVID-19 Safety Protocols

The well-being of our participants and staff is of the utmost importance to us. The following describes our current safety protocols for our programs.

    Cold weather Reminders…

    Our staff will be wearing bright colors during hunting season in programs and anytime we are out exploring nature. We encourage your family to do the same wherever your adventures take you.

    We now require participants to bring at least one extra face-covering to replace the first one when it becomes wet from expiration.

    We also require neck-warmers to be worn (no exposed necks,ears) in addition to COVID face coverings and hats when temperatures are below freezing.

    Current Screening Protocols

    We appreciate your partnership with us as we work to keep our communities safe. We have made some updates to streamline the check in process.

    Our staff will no longer take your participant’s temperature upon arrival (as the air temperature drops, these readings become ineffective). Instead, we ask that you take your child’s temperature the evening before program.

    Additionally, we ask that you monitor the health of your participant(s) and household using the guidelines below. Upon arrival, our staff will ask if you have anything to report based on these questions. If you plan to carpool, please be let us know 24 hours in advance and expect a call from us for your health screening answers.

      *We use the following questions as the basis for decision-making about whether or not a participant should be admitted to our program.

      1. Symptom Questions:

      • In the past 72 hours has your child experienced:
      • A fever of 100F or above or taken a fever-reducing medication?
        Cough, sore throat, muscle aches, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath?
        Have a recent loss of taste or smell?
      • A participant with a YES answer to any of the symptom questions not otherwise explained (for example a cough or sore throat due to allergies, muscle aches due to a recent physical injury, etc) will NOT be permitted to attend.

      2. Testing and Quarantine Questions:

      In the past 10 days has anyone in your household:

      • Tested positive for COVID-19?
      • Been tested for COVID-19 due to suspected exposure and is awaiting test results?
      • Under quarantine for suspected exposure to COVID-19?
      • Traveled back to New York from a non-contiguous state, triggering a mandatory quarantine and/or test?

      If there is an answer YES to any of the testing and quarantine questions the participant should not be admitted to the program.

      3. Travel Question:

      • Have you traveled outside of Tompkins County in the past 14 days?*

      *Answer would only be used if contact tracing by the Health Department becomes necessary.

      Summer Health and Safety 2021 Protocols:

      We are currently planning to follow the Protocols we established in 2020! But much like last summer we will be nimble and up to date with all state and local guidelines.