Week #9: Crafting

Ideas on how to incorporate theme: 

Ask your campers on the first day what kinds of crafting projects they would be interested in and use that information to help plan your week 

    • Pick projects that an instructor in your group has done before
    • Keep things simple and don’t bite off more than you can chew! 


Charcoal and Rock Paint
Charcoal and rock paint is fun to do when playing by the creek 

The Organic Artist for Kids by Nick Neddo is a great resource! 

    • Make your own paint brushes using white pine needles 
    • Make a nature mobile 
    • Leaf rubbings 
  • Decorate your basecamp by making a mandala using natural materials 
  • Round robin but with different projects 
  • Trade blanket 
  • Other camps to interact with: Color Foragers, Advanced Wildcrafting, Raven’s Camp 

Song suggestions: 

  • Over Under Basket 
  • Forget Your Perfect Offering 

Questions to ask:

How can we give gratitude to the natural materials we’re using?