Finding Primitive Pursuits was the happiest mistake of my life. I was camping on Seneca Lake with an actual wheelbarrow full of gear. As I descended the trail with my rickety cart I saw a dozen folks in earth tones gathered in a circle. They resembled an odd tribe and even at a glance you could tell they had a special connection. The next day a fatigued man approached my campsite and asked to sit with us for a bit. The man was a lead instructor for Primitive Pursuits. He explained he was there culminating a wilderness survival program. He spun up a coal with a bow drill in under a minute, left me the pieces of the kit, and the rest is history. I have done many programs with Primitive Pursuits and have been with them in one capacity or another for seven years.

I grew up on Keuka Lake, NY, always outdoors, swimming, fort building, and hiking. I love to read, travel, cook, and explore. One of my passions is feeding myself off the land by hunting and foraging. Someday I hope to work for myself using things I have learned from Primitive Pursuits. It’s a truly great community to be involved with, caring knowledgeable people, in a beautiful place. Our world would benefit if we could all be so lucky to have a Primitive Pursuits in our lives.