Week #7: Mammals

Ideas on how to incorporate this theme in your week:
Focus on a different mammal each day.

Games and Activity Ideas:

Animal forms
This is a great activity for Opening Circle. Role model moving your body like a certain animal and ask your campers to copy you. Invite campers to pick an animal and share its movement. You could show an animal form at opening circle and keep it a secret until later in the day and have your campers guess what it is.

Coyote and Deer
Have one person start off as a coyote with a bandana ball and the rest of your flock as deer. The coyote must tag the deer using a banana ball. If a deer gets tagged they become a coyote.

Forest Fire
Have your flock stand on one side of a clearing with one person in the middle 

    • Ask your campers to think of an animal 
    • The person in the middle says “Run if your animal ______.” 
    • If the sentence is true for your animal, you have to run to the other side without getting tagged. If you get tagged you become a “tree” and stand in place where you got tagged and try to tag others as they run by 
    • If the person in the middle yells “Forest Fire!” then everyone has to run.

Materials to use this week: field guides, track casts, bones, hides, etc.
Go in search of a muddy area and see if you can find any animal tracks. Bring a field guide along to help identify them.

Other camps to interact with: Gifts of the Deer 

Song suggestions: