This week the Friday Catbird Flock began the day with sharing stories of relatives and ancestors, listened to a story about a feisty old lady, her prim and proper son and 2  goblins and then headed out to build a fire and make some warming stone soup! 

Many thanks to the Crow Flock for letting us use their stash of dry firewood so we could get some good coals for cooking!  Everyone brought such delicious veggies!  There was so much we couldn’t use it all!  Here is a picture of the beginning of the cooking process – yum!  Kids helped to prep veggies, did some carving and then we played a wild game of Werewolf tag in which 1 person in chosen in secret to be the werewolf and everyone, including the werewolf, collects firewood as quickly as they can to stack up to a certain height.  At some point a mentor calls out “FULL MOON!!” the werewolf howls and the fun really begins – the werewolf tries to tag everyone before they can finish getting all the firewood they need.  Once tagged you become a werewolf too! This way we were able to resupply the Crow’s firewood stash 🙂

Highlights from 10/29/20

  • Learned to become better scouts by practicing ‘fox walking’ in the forest. Tested our skills by stalking up on the other groups to observe what they were up to.
  • Kept our bodies warm on this rainy day by playing Coyote & Deer and Weasel Tree