Ideas on how to incorporate theme: 

  • Shelters can include survival shelters, animal homes (bird nests, dreys, dens, etc.) and even fairy houses 
  • Work together as a flock to build a big group shelter that you can add to throughout the week 
  • Learn about how and where different kinds of animals make their homes and go on a wander in search of them. Count how many you can find 
  • Build an epic fairy village! Maybe the fairies will leave campers a special gift as a thank you on the last day


  • Mini Debris Hut Challenge 
    • Split your flock up into small groups and have each make a mini debris hut in a set amount of time 
    • Test each hut by putting a match inside and pouring water over the top. Strike the match and see if it lights (if you have an instructor that is feeling silly, they could put their head in each shelter and have someone pour water over top!) 
  • Other camps to interact with: Forest Engineers and Future Primitive 
    • Some questions you could ask:
      What materials do certain kinds of animals use to make their homes?
      What did the First Nations People of this area (the Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ) use to make their homes?
      Share that Haudenosaunee means “people of the longhouse.”
      What is your home made out of?