Kelsey Chatterton, April 23, 2017

Spring Writing Intern, Ithaca College

Primitive Pursuits hosted its annual Spring Camp this past week at 4-H Acres. I had the opportunity to work with the Friday preschool group—Growing Wild. The morning weather changed from gloomy clouds to sunny warmth with one rain shower that had some of us running to the pavilion. Others decided to saunter and enjoy the rain. With twelve preschoolers and three instructors, we explored the beautiful forest at 4-H. As field staffer Jeremiah Aviel mentioned, working with these kids is extremely rewarding because you get to see kids who were initially very shy, but eventually opened up through stories.

Stories tied the group together—whether they were about how raccoons got their masks or Captain Red Beard the One Eye, we were all mesmerized by Jeremiah’s tales. Bugs and mud lollipops were some of our findings as we explored the forest. Mud lollipops are the healthiest kinds of lollipops anyway.