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Slideshow and photos by Ash Bailot, 2020. 
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I just want to say thank you again for everything!

“Having access to scholarship funding has been an absolute life saver. We are so very grateful to you and to all of the families who have chosen to give, making camp possible for those of us who wouldn’t be able to attend without this vital assistance! Thank you for creating a system that seems to work so well.”

I would like to say that words cannot describe how appreciative we are of the fact that you braved this summer and opened up camp.

“I understand that it must have been difficult to figure out all the logistics of operating camp during a pandemic, but you were able to do it. Thank you for putting together such exciting and educational programming at camp this summer!”

Our camper is loving Primitive Pursuits!

“It’s great that there is a rotation of programs. It’s keeping her interested, busy, and tired at the end of the day. Thank you!”

This was the only camp I felt safe sending my child to.

“It was clear that a lot of thought went into making Primitive Pursuits safe and fun this year. After months of virtual school, followed by a summer away from friends, Primitive Pursuits provided a much-needed respite for my child, from the stresses and woes of life during Covid-19. Thank you to all the staff for the incredible work you did this year!”

I am writing first to thank you. Camp has been a truly happy and enriching experience and run so safely and efficiently in the midst of a health crisis.

“[Our camper]’s spirits are higher with each week of camp, and he is so proud to tell us about moments in his day. I have also noticed he has started telling us stories – which I think is thanks to Growing Wild and storytelling. The whole team has been wonderful – but I wanted to say, that in addition to Sarah, Maddy and Nathan really shined. Their recaps at days’ end made me feel that someone is really paying attention to the kids – really watching and listening and engaging – so good to know in these nerve-wracking times!”

Thank YOU. They are both thoroughly enjoying themselves each day!

“I’m absolutely thankful for the precautions allowing them to do so as well! It has definitely been a load of anxiety off as I catch up on much-needed errands, shop stuff, and unpacking after our move! Thank you SO much!”

We are so grateful for the staff's commitment to fun, to the outdoors, and to safety during the pandemic.

“My child just finished 4 weeks of camp at Primitive Pursuits. He had such a wonderful time: always excited to go in the morning and brimming over with excitement about what he’d done and learned when he got home. Thank you!”

My children look forward to EVERY opportunity to attend PP and have for years.

“Each drop-off, I feel confident they are in good hands. Especially this year, with so much uncertainty, PP was/is a welcome reprieve from upset and tap into normalcy and well being. It is impressive to see familiar (returning) counselors each year and everyone has such positive energy! The staff’s strength in character has certainly influenced my children’s character and sense of self.”

PP is one of, if not the best, thing about living in Ithaca.

“I have been so impressed with how PP has established drop off protocols that everyone seems to follow. PP is a huge part of my son’s summer every year. We are SO thankful to have any opportunity to get our son out there this summer, and it has been (as usual) just an awesome experience for him.  Thank you to your staff for putting in the effort to make it possible in the current climate.”

You were a real beacon these last couple of months, and we are so grateful to you all!!

“We just wanted to send our heartfelt thanks to you for pulling this summer’s camps off so well, under difficult circumstances. It meant so much to our family and to many many others that you stayed open this summer when so many other camps closed, and that you did it so thoughtfully and well. Our camper had a fantastic time, and your consistent and well-organized approach made us feel good about dropping her off every day.  (She (and we) also learned that kids can happily wear masks all day long and mostly just forget they’re there!)” 

Our son adored his counselors and had an amazing time. Thank you for everything.

“Every day my son came home excited to tell me about his adventures at camp; from making a fire, to observing insects, and playing games with new friends, he loved it all. And every morning he happily wanted to go back!”

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