by Sarah Chaffee

Tuesday, May 3 @ West Hill

This Tuesday during homeschool at our West Hill location, the children earned enough “party points” this week – gained from answering questions correctly in our naturalist’s corner – for a celebration filled with feast and games! A navigation-based scavenger hunt was laid out on the landscape, where the children had to use the sun and their inner compass to guide them to a variety of clues to win the food for the feast.

The final challenge required the children to use their personal bowdrill kits to begin the feast fire and with great success, the feast was cooked. 

Thursday, May 5 @ 4-H Acres

This Thursday at 4-H Acres, the Tinder Wolves, and the Hemlock Foxes had a special surprise in the form of guest instructor Justin Sutera! The Tinder Wolves played stick-ball, explored the Beaver Dam, and a few lucky Wolves even spotted a Beaver!

The Hemlock Foxes crafted a springtime wild pesto with dandelion greens, garlic mustard, and chives (plus oil and sea salt), which both clans enjoyed together near a fire.