Tuesday, May 10 @ West Hill

Tuesday at West Hill found our homeschoolers lost – but not for long! Instructors brought the homeschoolers out to a spot in the woods from which they navigated back to base camp. Students who gave hints found themselves blindfolded. They used their inner compass, the sun, knowledge of the landscape, and tapped into their intuition. Creating fire was also a challenge – the wild ones are only permitted to start a fire using their personal bow drill. Amidst honing navigation and fire-starting skills, our intrepid youth took it upon themselves to comb the landscape for acorns, only to find the oak trees were few and far between!


Thursday, May 12 @ 4-H Acres

The weather was remarkably warm and sunny this Thursday at 4-H Acres! This week the weaver and potter guilds met to finish up their projects – willow baskets and an assortment of pottery objects.

The guilds met three times throughout the session where each group gathered all materials needed to understand basket making and pottery on a deeper, more intimate level. At the end of the day, the two guilds came together for lunch and a game of hoop toss. What’s hoop toss? Think capture the flag meets willow hoops and two sticks to throw the hoop.